The children can now communicate verbally, are toilet trained and can work in little groups. There is more of a balance on free play and learning through play in the preschool room.

The children have a busy morning with a range of activities that include baking, dress up and drama, puppets, music and movement, play dough and arts and crafts.

Each day they do table top activities and there are regular projects throughout the year with themes from culture around the world, the environment, planting and nature, the weather, self respect and personal hygiene.

The preschool have an introduction to computers during the year, they have access to a vast library of books, sand and water play, wide variety of arts and crafts materials, construction toys, imaginary play toys such as a kitchen, shop, dolls house, fort. The outdoor play is used extensively by the preschool as they can use the Jungle Jim Frame in addition to the other outdoor play toys.

During the preschool year we invite the Gardai, the Fire Services and the Dental Nurse to visit the children and speak about their work and how it impacts on the children.

The Montessori method of education helps the child reach their full potential. It encourages them to work as individuals to the best of their ability, and it will also prepare them for school life.

The children who attend Montessori school will acquire basic skills in a natural way and they will gain an early enthusiasm for learning. The personality of the child will also shine through and they will become independent individuals who will be able to interact well with others.

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