The children move to the wobbler room when they are able to move around at approximately 12 months.

The equipment and toys in this room are designed to allow the children explore things around them in a safe environment. They can wobble, crawl and bum shuffle if necessary very safely.

The toys are placed within their reach and they have a colourful range of stackers, shape sorters, push along toys, building blocks, balls and ride on toys for their fine and gross motor development. They also have a range of toys for their imaginative play – telephone, cooker, kitchen, garage with cars and multi cultural dolls.

They have a soft play area with cushions for play, relaxation and a cuddle. They start to sing their nursery rhymes and do simple jigsaws. They are introduced to sand and water play and love to mess with paints, play dough and stampers. Their art work is displayed in the room and on their notice board.

We have a soft play area outside for the wobblers and toddlers with slides, seesaws and jigsaw tiles. They love to ‘drive’ the little cars and bikes.

We have a field to the rear of the building for freeplay, football, and other physical activities in the summer.

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