As children develop rapidly at this age, the children move to the toddler room at any age from 20 months to 2 years. Some children crave the stimulation of the toddler room earlier than others.

The toddlers have a range of activities that enhance the development of their social, physical, emotional and intellectual skills. The children learn to communicate verbally, to share with their friends, to explore texture and creativity through play dough. They start to learn colours and numbers, they do table top activities that include jigsaws, building blocks, stikkle bricks and links, and they start baking.

They have a soft play area, a quiet/reading corner, an imaginative play area, and a home area with kitchen, pretend food, buggies, dolls, and carrycots.

Outdoor play is an important element in this room, a chance to run around, to let of steam, drive the cars and trucks, explore nature, see the cows, take turns on the slides and seesaws, sand and water play.

Very clear boundaries are set between carers and children as to what is acceptable behaviour and what is not!

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